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The real-time credit score for SMEs

The most sophisticated credit score designed for SMEs in the UK– using real-time behavioural data from OpenBanking

Available direct to businesses – and via API to power the industry.

Credit Passport® allows SMEs in the UK to register and apply online for a Credit Passport credit score.

SMEs can obtain their own score, view their Credit Passport and gain insights into how to improve or maintain their financial stability. SMEs can track their credit score over time and make their score publicly available via the Credit Passport Badge - as well as receive tailored lending products matched to their credit profile.

Credit Gateway

Harness the power of the real-time credit scoring via API to access the most accurate credit score for SMEs.

Ideally suited for lenders, platforms, banks and fintechs that would like to increase SME customer loyalty and facilitate faster and more competitive credit decisions.